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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Child Yoda Backpack Clip Activity

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Had 30+ wonderful Trick or Treaters. My hubby spray painted a PVC pipe orange and connected it to a ladder with bungie cords sloping it downward into a wagon cart. Had a flashlight in cart so the trick or treaters could put their container to catch the candy or retrieve the candy by hand that was sent down the tube. Neighbor had made up plastic bags with candy (Snack size: M&Ms, Snickers, Mars, etc. ) inside for me to give out since she was going to be busy. Was fun. The children liked the Halloween Pez candy dispensers I was giving out along with Hershey (Snack size: Choc bars, Kit Kat, etc.) candy.


Fond of the Disney Mandalorion and Child Yoda. Bought this kit at Michaels. There is a picture of what completed backpack clip looks like on the container but no written instructions. I made something like this awhile ago and it came apart but learned that to keep that from happening you need to thread the ends of the bead cord back thru the beads.















Kit - Child Yoda Backpack Clip Activity: charm, beads, bead cord, backpack clip


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Simon Mon Ch Movie Inspired  4/5  11/1

  Movie - Star Wars

 Simon Wed Ch Anything Goes 3/5   11/3


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