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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Intl Skyline Contest Winner

Today, is the day I announce the winner of the Intl Skyline Contest with the giveaway of the Tandem Bicycle Rubber Stamp.  

Winner had 10 out of 10 correct for the bldgs/structures in the Intl Skyline but not the part about what did the prize have to do with me.

Prize is a craftsmart rubber stamp:


The 10 bldgs/structures in the Intl Skyline are: 
   1.  Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy 
   2.   Eiffel Tower, France 
   3.   Senso-ji Temple, Japan 
   4.   Big Ben, England 
   5.   Parthenon, Greece 
   6.   Taj Mahal, India 
   7.   CN Tower, Canada 
   8.   Roman Coliseum, Italy 
   9.   Capital Building, Washington, DC 
   10.  Statue of Liberty, New York

The answer to what the prize & I have in common is:
I ride a Tandem Bicycle with my hubby. I do not know how to ride a regular Bicycle. 

The winner is: Michelle. 

One wk to claim prize.

Michelle please email me your home address & sub the symbols for the words in parens so I can mail you your stamp on or before Sun May 4 9pm CT:
sunshine_honeybee2004(at sign)yahoo(dot)com 

Congrats Michelle!

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