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Friday, January 9, 2015

Crochet Scarf

Getting back into crocheting. Started this scarf yesterday 1/8. Using an F hook which is my fav and so much so that I have used it so much that I have worn the letter 'F' off the front of the hook and have placed a sticker with 'F' written on the back of it. Using Caron Simply Soft Autumn Red 100% Acrylic.

I made the pattern up myself. Started with chain stitch (ch) to width I wanted. Then single crochet (sc) across. Then half double crochet (hdc) across. Repeat sc & hdc to desired length.

I'll update this post as I continue.

 1/11/15 just over 12" in length


Now over 30" in length, no photo at the moment.


  1. This is coming along nicely -great start and looks like it will be super warm! TFS

  2. I am in awe of your many talents, Melissa! This looks wonderful! Learning to crochet is on my to-do list - but the list is very long!

  3. It looks lovely Melissa, great colour. Never crotcheted a scarf before, might have a go for this coming winter. At temps of 30deg C right now, can't even imagine handling wool. Have a great year. hugs, Ursula xxx