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Monday, July 19, 2021

Recycle Card - BBTB2 Recycle - Cricut GiveAHoot

This is my Recycle Card for this week's challenge of Bitten By the Bug 2. Theme is Recycle. You can click here to enter.

Our City can recycle: aluminum cans, cardboard, glass (with lid removed), paper and plastic (can have lid on). We have 2 recycle bins outside that get emptied every other week. I also clean out the Keurig coffee K cups that are recyclable like Green Mountain & Seattle Best. What do you recycle?




cardstock/paper:  greens, white   pattern - green/white

 Cricut:  Give A Hoot   Recycle Charm 

    (used the negative pieces on inside)

   machine - Cricut Explore Air

other: 'Please Recycle' piece of paper recycled from a

  Target Visa bill envelope


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Entering in:

CHNC Jul Pattern Ch  7/31

Word Art Wed Wk#499-500  3/5/2ndwk  7/27



  1. great card! I recycle everything I can. I volunteer at work to take the plastics to recycling center. I am signed up for twice a year. Last Friday was my day. At work we even compost. At home I don't compost but I recycle everything possible! Our city just added yogurt containers, so excited about that!


  2. How fun to find a use for your bills, or at least a part of them.

  3. We recycle and are trying as a family to reduce our use of plastics this year-boy is it hard to avoid single use plastics! We pay our trash company extra to pick up paper and plastics weekly and I take our glass to one of those glass recycle bins around town. Just wish we had somewhere that would take plastic shopping bags. The grocery store stopped allowing reusable bags from home during the covid crisis. Love your project!

  4. Cute card. We recycle most things in my household too. I always feel guilty if I don’t. Lol

  5. Your card is very cute! I try to recycle as much as I can, but our local recycling program is very limited. I did not know that you could recycle K-cups!