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Friday, August 16, 2019

Update 8/16 on what's been happening, CTMH Consultant


Sunshine HoneyBee is back!

Took time off from blogging since Dec last yr.

I have had for awhile but with the jobs (Hallmark, Home Depot, caretaker of an autistic boy) I had my own dog care/walking (mostly walking) business, took a backseat..Daisy & Holly are fine. Daisy turned 12 Aug 6. Holly will be 3 in Nov. I'll have to post  a recent photo of them soon.

 Hubby had back surgery early this yr after he had back pain that resulted him going to ER and getting some pain meds. He had minimal invasive disc surgery (2 discs). Had physical therapy and recovery took longer due to 2 discs involved when originally it was thought to be 1 disc. He completed physical therapy. Then he started back going to Rec Center to exercise on equipment but not any that involved the back. He is doing much better. We made very good use of the Handicap tag we had when driving thru July.

Daughter moved into her own apt in May to be closer to her workplace. She comes to our house for Sun dinner. We bought her an Instant Pot like we have and she has become quite the cook which I know she gets from her Dad since I'm more fond of baking. She likes her food spicy. She is a good baker as well.

Have news: I'm a Close To My Heart Consultant. Wonderful upline is Chris Franco.
Please ck out my website & order if you like:

Had my first card crafting class Wed 8/14. I taught 2 young girls (one is a 3rd grader & other is a 7th grader) crochet during the Summer and now teaching them card crafting, calligraphy and possibly other crafts. I will post a photo of the card they made soon.

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